Giantz 12V Bio Diesal Transfer Pump

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Giantz 12V Bio Diesal Transfer Pump Default Title One of the best pumping solutions in the market, our Diesel/Oil Pump is simply designed to perform with accuracy, speed and reliability. Featuring a class-leading 180W 12V DC motor, the pump dispenses and transfers diesel, oil or even water at a fast-flowing 40 litres per minute with its high performance nozzle that comes with a handy trigger control. The trigger comes with a 3-stage lock that makes it easy to ‘lock down’ the pumping speed without hassle. The pump also has an auto-stop function once flow back occurs. Included with the unit are a set of clear, reinforced inlet and outlet hoses for easy monitoring of flow and all the necessary fittings. An ultra-fine filter at the hose end ensures larger particles or impurities are kept out of the volume pumped. Not least, the mounting base allows the pump to be used as a permanent installation if needed. Premium Alligator clips are provided too to connect the unit direct to battery or power source. Ideal for home or commercial use, the Diesel/Oil/Water Pump is truly an outstanding buy for you.Can be used as a fuel supply device for field-working vehicles like engineering vehicles, excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, cement mixers, lifters, trucks, fuel compressors, mining machinery and farming machinery. Also ideal for filling or emptying diesel and oil storage tanks. Features: Class Leading 40/L High Flow Rate Nozzle: Auto Cut-out Trigger Built to last ultra-fine brass filter Welded wire and alligator clips Comes with full set of fitting accessories Australian C-tick Approval, CE certification Simple assembly and operation Accurate control, auto trigger cut out, works clean and fast Built-in Bypass Valve helps to avoid overheat or overload Compatible with Oil, Diesel, Bio-diesel or Kerosene Warning: This pump is designed for handling diesel, oil and water only. It is not recommended to be used for petrol or flammable liquids. Specifications: Power: 180W Voltage: 12V DC Max. Delivery Height: 15m Max. Suction: 4m Self Priming: 2m Speed: 3600 rev/min Hose Fitting: 1.5 inch Power Cable Length: 1.65m Inlet hose: 2m Outlet hose: 4m Assembly Required: YesNumber of Packages: 1 Packages Contents: 1 x Diesel & Oil Transfer Pump 1 x Pump Nozzle 1 x Inlet Filter 1 x Alligator Clips1 x User Manual


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